There’s no excuse for being overweight


I don’t care if you’re 30, 50, or 80. I don’t care if you have hurt knees, feel muscle pain, or think that giving up certain foods is too hard. There is no valid excuse for being overweight. None. If you try to convince me otherwise, I’m going to shoot it down. Here’s why: I lost 150 lbs with NO EXERCISE by changing my diet to a healthier low-carb Paleo diet.

ANYONE can do this. It takes no additional physical effort. It does take some effort in planning and preparation, and perhaps some discipline, but that’s about it. Sprinkle some perseverance into the mix, and you’re losing weight and well on your way to a normal weight.

I see people on my Facebook feed posting time and time again how they’re too old to lose weight. They feel that they can no longer make an effective change in their lives. Others say they could never give up pizza, pasta, sodas, or other foods. Dismissing the problem doesn’t make it go away. Dismissing even the possibility of making a positive change in one’s health is silly, at best, and dangerous at worst.

We’ve all done something difficult. Whether it’s graduate school, raise children, serve in the military, or work in a profession that requires learning. We have proven to ourselves time and time again that we are capable of doing impressive things. Prove to yourself that you’re worth the time and effort to get healthy. I know you can do it. You just need to believe in yourself.

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