Jingle Bells 5k Run (Complete!)

On Saturday, Sherry and I took part in the Jingle Bells 5k to raise money for Arthritis research, and boy was it a crummy morning: 46 degrees and raining. I was already not looking forward to it because I hadn’t had the time to prepare as much as I wanted to. Between my foot injury that kept me from running for a few weeks to the chest/head cold I had last week, I felt unprepared for this run. Regardless, I knew I could do it fairly well, so I did it anyway.

The weather was miserable, to say the least. It wasn’t the coldest; the previous two years were far colder. But this time, to add to the misery, it rained. Not a downpour, mind you, but a steady rain throughout the entire run. I felt pretty good for the entire run, however, and while my time was only my second best out of the three times I’ve run this event, I had a surprise: I came in third for my age group. I didn’t realize I’d done so well and went straight to my car. I didn’t think I did well enough to check the results, so I missed out on getting an actual third place medal and standing up on stage to receive my medal. Oh well. Sherry contacted the race organizers to find out if I can get that medal somehow.

So, I’m pretty happy with the run. Sure, it was slower. Yes, it was miserable. But I did it, regardless of how much I complained to my wife about it, and I got it done.

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