Making it through the holidays

My plan is simple: survive the holidays with as little weight gain as possible. I’m going into the holiday season knowing I’ll be eating and drinking foods I typically avoid, and that’s okay. I suggest you make peace with this and do the same. Why? Because life is short, and friends and family are precious, and the time we spend with them should be joyous. I’m not advocating throwing all caution to the wind, but I am suggesting you enjoy the season with its unique foods and drinks.

Mindset has a lot to do with this. Sure, you can be “Good” through the holidays. I’ve done that before, and yes, it’s possible, but at what cost? Your family and friends will be somewhat distressed by this, and while that is troublesome in and of itself on some levels, ultimately, is it worth the strange looks and uncomfortable conversations to avoid a cookie and some gluhwein? Also, if you enjoy yourself, you’re making indelible and lasting memories full of joy, happiness, and love. That is worth it right there.

Sure, if you’re like me, you’ll feel a little grumpy about not losing any weight, or worse, gaining some weight. Make peace with it beforehand. Know that it’s coming. When you expect it, it’s not as bad when it comes to fruition. You know what it takes to get back on track, how to lose weight, and you know how to be disciplined. You have a plan that you can put into place once the holidays are over. Get over it, and enjoy yourself!

My plan is to do another Whole30 starting January 2nd. I know it’s coming; I need it. While my weight isn’t out of control, it’s higher than I would like it to be. I know I can lose it all within a month, but right now is not the time to do it. Instead, I’m going to enjoy the holidays with some simple coping mechanisms I’ve written about in the past. To summarize those, I will:

  • Limit the amount of alcohol I consume
  • Limit the amount of non-Paleo foods I consume
  • Try to make healthy choices where possible
  • Continue Intermittent Fasting (IF) through the holidays

This will mitigate the impact the holiday food and drinks will have on me, my health, and my weight. It’s worked in the past, and I am certain it’ll work for me again.

I actually look forward to the Whole30 in January. I look forward to getting back down to a more comfortable weight for me, even if it is mostly a psychological issue for me. It’s just a number: I’m not overweight or fat by any stretch of the imagination, but some of my favorite clothes don’t fit just right anymore. I know that losing 10 lbs will fix that, and will also make me feel better.

Enjoy the holidays. Enjoy being with family and friends. Live your life, and make the best decisions you can without guilt. Pledge to get back to it after the holidays. I am.

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