Starting off with dessert?

Yesterday went really well as it pertains to food with one exception: an unplanned for dessert. A co-worker of Sherry’s made some Hungarian cookies that she gave us, and she specifically wanted me to try them to see how close to authentic they were. So, I had them. They were delicious! But ultimately, it added a day to my official start of eating right.

Today, I skipped breakfast as I’m still practicing Intermittent Fasting (IF), but lunch was 5 wings, some sweet potato fries, and a few pieces of celery. I was worried about how filling 5 wings would actually be since I normally eat 10 at lunch, but surprisingly, I was full after eating! That made me very happy, because I hate feeling hungry. To the contrary, I felt satisfied after eating the 5 wings. What I didn’t feel for the first time in a long time was stuffed. I think I’m finally getting used to just being satisfied without getting stuffed.

Tonight, I hope to either run or swing some kettlebells (depending on the weather). If it’s under 50 degrees, I’ll just swing the bells. I made a rule last year that outside of military or 5k’s, I refuse to run outside if the temperature is less than my age. Well, refuse is strong. More like I take it under serious consideration.

The weight loss has already begun, however, despite the dessert yesterday after dinner. I also got a lot of sleep last night which also helps. I will be careful with the amount of sleep I get, my portions, and the content of my food. I am finding it harder to get started with the exercise this time around, but I know that once I get started, it gets easier. It’s just getting those first few steps or swings in.

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