Still Not Running (but I am eating right!)

Lazy? Maybe. It was 46 degrees out, and I decided I wasn’t going to run in that cold weather. How about the kettlebells? I didn’t hit them either because I had some sort of stomach issue that wasn’t making me feel able to do much of anything physical last night. I think it had to do with a small amount of ranch dressing I allowed myself at lunch with my 5 wings. It turns out that even that little bit of dairy messes me up.

Tonight, I will not likely have the opportunity to do much of any exercise due to a standing dinner date Sherry and I have with friends. This weekend, however, I have plans for bike riding, running, and kettlebells, so I should be back on track in terms of fitness very soon.

On the diet side, with the exception of the aforementioned 1 TBSP of ranch dressing, I ate on-track yesterday. I made sure to eat a salad before dinner (which was one of my favorites: the chorizo and beef meatloaf with broccoli and mushrooms) and had an apple afterward. I’m trying to get a lot more fiber into my diet, and the salad and apples will help a lot with that.

On the positive side of not running for the third week is that a lot of aches and pains I’ve had in the past have pretty much subsided or have gone away completely. I’ll be starting fresh again, and with a much better running routine. I’ve got a renewed motivation and I think 2019 will be a good year for my run times. I’m hoping to beat my best 5k time by over a minute later this year. That’s my goal, and I plan on hitting it! I also have the weight to lose and another APFT coming up later this year, and I have to be ready for that, too!

So, thumbs down on me not running yesterday, but thumbs up for eating right! The weight is already coming off; I just need to continue the course of eating right. The fitness stuff will come soon. I just need to hit “Go” on my motivation to do it. Oh, and it needs to warm up a little bit, too.

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