I ran

I ran so far away! Ok, that was silly. Sorry. I’ve seen A Flock of Seagulls live twice, and they put on a good show. But why am I talking about an old 80’s band that still tours and puts on great shows? Because I finally got my run in on Friday, and I’m back to it. Of course, I ran too far and too fast on Friday and made myself sore for pretty much the entire weekend, but that’s okay. The important part was that I got started and I didn’t injure myself (being sore is not being injured; it’s a sign of a hard workout).

I took Saturday and Sunday off from running because I needed the recovery, but I will be back at it again this evening unless it’s raining. I don’t start runs in the rain (but I don’t mind finishing them if it starts raining while I’m on a run. Weird).

Texas A&M Bonfire Memorial in College Station, TX.

I did spend a lot of time walking on Saturday, however. Sherry and I ran a bunch of errands in the morning after which we drove to College Station to see the Museum of the GI and the Texas A&M Bonfire Memorial. The museum was a lot of fun, while the memorial was somber but very nicely done. We read the plaques of each of the 12 students who died in that tragedy, and while Sherry didn’t know any of them personally, she knew many who did. She was a student at the school at the time it happened and she remembers it all too well.

Helmet of soldier from 36th Infantry Division in WWI.

My weight is up a bit due to this weekend’s eating. I have to admit that Friday, I ate a very large (albeit Paleo) dinner and even had a dessert (when friends offer, you don’t refuse; that’s just bad manners). I also at a bit more than I’d have liked on Sunday, and I ate breakfast both days. I’m back to my normal IF routine again this morning and even though I forgot to bring the lunch Sherry made for me, I have some Larabars and RXBars that I will choose from at lunch to keep my stomach from digesting itself.

I joked last night with Sherry that I want the weight to go away immediately, and she laughed and said that I sounded like her. She then started telling me the things I always tell her when she gets frustrated: It takes time, trust the process, and perseverance will win. I smiled and told her that, of course, she’s right, and I just need to be patient. So, I’m being patient, but I’m also back to running which helps ease my mind a bit. I know it’s not going to make me lose weight, but it helps relieve stress and will get me back into shape for my APFT this year.

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