Reminded that Weight/Size Loss is Like a Pendulum

I was lamenting the lack of progress on the scale to Sherry when she reminded me that losing weight and losing size is like a pendulum; it’s one or the other. When you lose weight on the scale, you rarely lose it at the waist at the same time. Then, when you’re losing size, you’re often stalled on the scale. She then asked me if I felt my clothing getting looser. Sure enough, my pants have been fitting better this week.

It’s easy to forget all the things involved with eating right and how to lose weight/get smaller. I’m a guy who lives health and fitness, yet from time to time, even I forget some of the basics. I’m glad to have Sherry to remind me of the things I sometimes have to remind her about. It’s a team effort, getting healthy and eating right, and I’m proud to have Sherry as my teammate.

As luck would have it, I didn’t run Friday night due to social things getting in the way, and Saturday morning, I hurt my back pretty badly. It’s sore enough today that I took some muscle relaxers and I’m sitting on the couch today, but I hope to be back to running as soon as tomorrow or Tuesday and resuming my push ups soon thereafter.

So, the takeaway from today’s post is that sometimes, your weight loss will stall. That’s okay. It’s a natural process. Pay attention to the other non-scale victories. Are you feeling better? Are you sleeping well? Do you feel more focused? Is your stomach less troubled? Do you have fewer cravings? Are temptations getting easier to get past? Then who cares about the number. It’ll eventually come down. Just keep doing the right thing and celebrate the little victories and keep doing what you do.

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