Life’s Twists and Turns

I’ve been gone for a week due to a death in the family. While it was not unexpected due to a terminal illness, it occurred sooner than we expected. What ended up happening was for a week, I didn’t get any exercise and I ate foods I never eat. At one meal, for instance, we had bread pudding. Not as the dessert, mind you. It was the meal. And you know what? I was 100% okay with that. It felt right. It was delicious.

This morning, I once again stepped on the scale and to my horror, the scale read a number I haven’t seen in a while. Well, since returning from Ireland and Scotland, to be precise. The good news for me, once again, is that all I really need to do is stick to my good eating and the weight will come off. So, that’s what I’m doing.

You can’t always dictate what happens in life. There will be times when life has bigger plans for you, and it’ll throw your own plans out the window in a flaming ball of best intentions. There’s nothing you can do but roll with it, keep your chin up, and wait for life to give you a chance to take a breath and to regain control. That’s what I’ve done.

So, I ran last night, and while it wasn’t my best run, it was pretty darned good. I did push myself a bit, and while my legs are a little sore for it, my mind feels wonderful. There’s nothing like a good run to clear the mind. I also ate one of the prepped meals Sherry made for us for both lunch and dinner yesterday which, I’m certain, helped. I wasn’t able to fall asleep quickly last night, so I didn’t get as much sleep as I’d have liked, but I hope to rectify that tonight.

Rules. Stick to them. They work. Trust the process. Be strong in body and in mind. Resist the temptation to eat large portions. These are all things I’m telling myself as I get back to weight-loss mode.

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