Stupid Onion Rings

Sherry and I went out for dinner last night to a wing place here locally that we enjoy. The food is always good, and the wings aren’t super-over-sized and the side serving of sweet potatoes is not ridiculously huge. However, we were offered a free appetizer of onion rings, and Sherry and I decided to go for it.

We shouldn’t have.

I was sweating all night long in the bed, and I tossed and turned. My body was working overtime to get rid of the carbs in the breading that was on the onion rings. Then, the scale: Up 2 lbs. Of course. Every time I eat something with breading, the weight goes up due to the water retention.

So, I sabotaged myself. Sherry and I talked about it, and we are both going to make sure the other doesn’t do stupid stuff like this anymore. Were they tasty? Heck yes! But was the loss of progress worth it? Heck no!

I remind myself that this is an ongoing process. A journey. There is no real destination; only a road we travel that we have to navigate past and around pot holes, hazards, and other people. In this case, we hit the pothole head-on and dented the wheel a little, but that’s okay. We will learn from this and move forward without onion rings.

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