Back to the Fight

And now is the part of weight loss that I dislike; the yo-yo while achieving small losses. My weight will hit a new low, then rise a bit, then go back down (hopefully lower), then back up, etc. It’s annoying. But it’s how it goes. Again, this is all stuff I’ve experienced in the past so it’s nothing new (and shouldn’t bother me), but here we are. I am getting enough sleep, my portions are (for the most part) correct, and I’m doing IF (16-8). The only thing I’m not doing very much of right now is exercise due to my right knee injury and an impending field exercise I don’t want to risk an injury before.

This week will be a rather short one for me in terms of blogging; I won’t be able to do updates from Thursday through Sunday due to being at Fort Hood out in the cold, the rain, and the mud. I will be taking my requisite RXBars and Lara Bars along with some nuts, but that’ll be my sustenance for the four-day period. I may eat what the cooks make us if it’s Paleo enough, but if the past is any indication, it’ll be mostly pasta or something with a bun/muffin/roll/etc.

What determines whether a person succeeds or fails is whether that person can power through adversity and difficulty to success. Right now, this yo-yo period, this is my adversity. I will not allow myself to fail. I will push through, continue the fight, and never surrender (and no more sabotage!).

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