Oh, that Whole30 Flu!

Sherry and I zip lining at Lake Travis, TX.

Today is the second full day of our Whole30, and even though it’s our fourth time around, I forgot about the flu-like symptoms. I didn’t experience them yesterday, although I was a little hungry after each meal. Today, however, I have the full-on headache. I feel a bit under the weather. My body is rebelling. These are all signs to me that I allowed too much sugar back into my diet. Then again, I also went a little carb-crazy this past weekend, so I’m sure that didn’t help this transition.

Otherwise, I feel good. Sure, I have a headache and I feel a bit groggy, but I also know what this feeling leads to: a much better me. I know that this will pass within the next 1-3 days, and by next Monday, I’ll be feeling awesome and back to reaping the benefits of eating fully healthy for over a week.

This is the worst part; the beginning. After the first week is over, I’ll feel much better, and I know that I’ll be making the progress I’m looking for. I just need to make sure I keep getting enough sleep.

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