My Strategy for a Week Without Sherry

Sherry and I on a sunset cruise on Lake Travis, TX

My wife will be going out on a business trip all next week, leaving me to make sure I feed myself good, quality Whole30-compliant foods. That’s no small task, and so far, my wife has been my secret weapon when it comes to my success with getting healthy and losing weight. I guess now it’s time for me to test myself: can I do it alone?

I will be smoking a brisket on Saturday and packaging it up to eat for lunches and dinners this coming week. I will also make some sweet potatoes to put into the containers for lunches. I will probably make some kind of egg casserole or something like that to package up for lunches as well as have some kind of meat around for a dinner or two during the week. I’ll likely have some Buffalo Wings on Wednesday night with some of my friends from the National Guard, but I’ll skip the ranch dressing and I’ll have the wings dry with a garlic powder on it. I’ll also limit myself to 5 and a small side of the sweet potatoes.

I think I will be alright. I am certain I won’t “Cheat” or sabotage myself, so that’s not the issue or concern. My main challenge will be to make sure I don’t get palate fatigue by eating too much brisket. Well, after I wrote that, I realized how silly that is: I can never get tired of good brisket. That’s like saying I might get tired of bacon. That can never happen.

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