Whole30 Emergency

Today, Sherry and I went down to Galveston and spend the day going from place to place where I flew my drone and got some amazing photos and video. In between shooting, we stopped along the way to get some lunch, and later dinner.

Lunch was easy: we ate at Gaido’s, a famous Galveston landmark seafood restaurant where music luminaries like Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra once performed. We both had Grilled Golden Tile with crab meat with a side of asparagus. While it was delicious, both of us felt a little hungry still, so we split a Larabar.

A little later in the day, we decided to eat at another seafood restaurant, but the wait was 45 minutes to an hour, and both of us had headaches from hunger (that, coupled with it being Day 5 of our Whole30). So, we decided to hit another restaurant a mile or so away. The problem here was that the only food they had that we could eat was steak, and they didn’t have oil and vinegar for a salad dressing. What to do?

Sherry and I both had a silly idea at the same moment: squeeze some lemon onto the salad along with some salt and pepper. It was amazing! The tangy flavor of the lemon meshed very well with the salad and to our tongues, tasted a lot like vinegar would on a salad. We now have a strategy moving forward in case a restaurant doesn’t have oil and vinegar for a house salad.

The rest of the evening was pretty uneventful, and aside from (what I’m hoping) is the last day of the Whole30 flu, I feel good. I have lost both weight and bulk off my waist. I can feel the freedom from sugar, and I can feel the increased energy happening.

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