The Week Alone

Sherry and I in Galveston on Saturday.

Starting this morning, I’m all alone. Sherry had to go to California for business, and I am here in Houston fending for myself. Well, not really. But kind of.

Yesterday, Sherry made me a wonderful breakfast casserole for me to eat during the week which was made with eggs, onions, green pepper, and chorizo. I had it this morning; it was amazing! I also smoked a brisket and Sherry made a pork carnitas in the slow cooker that we ate for dinner and tasted delicious!

We still have some leftover Ropa Vieja with plantains and some meatloaf that I’ll use up as quickly as I can this week, but now I also have brisket, pork carnitas, and a planned wing dinner on Wednesday night with friends from the National Guard.

So, maybe I’ll survive. Well, I at least won’t starve.

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