Creating a New You

My co-worker has a mug that has a really nice saying on it that I think we can all learn from:

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. It’s about CREATING YOURSELF.”

This is so true when it comes to your health. There’s no “finding” good health. You don’t find weight loss. These are things you have to create, often through planning, hard work, and perseverance.

The good habits. Eating right. Exercise. Getting enough sleep. Sticking to the plan. Avoiding temptation. These are all things you create. Nobody will do it for you; you have to do it for yourself.

Ultimately, even though my wife does the majority of our menu planning and meal prep, it’s up to me to stick to the plan. I have to be the one to not sneak meals and snacks when I’m not at home. It’s up to me to get out on the road and run. It’s up to me to ignore the false appetites.

Create the new you that you want. It’s not going to happen accidentally. It’s only going to happen after you put in the work.

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