Chicken and the Other Meats

This morning, I saw a story on the local news that a study was recently published in which it was found that cholesterol levels of people who ate chicken in place of other meats did not reduce their cholesterol. The story went on to say that the conclusion the researchers drew is that regardless of the kind of meat, a person will still have high cholesterol after eating any kind of meat.

I laughed.

Meat doesn’t cause a rise in cholesterol. Eating fats doesn’t even cause a rise in cholesterol. Eating carbs does. If all the researchers were looking at was the difference in cholesterol levels based on the consumption of the types of meats people were eating and not taking into account the carbs, then there is no way they can gauge the impact of chicken vs other meats on a person’s cholesterol. This entire study also forgets to take into account how human bodies work and more specifically, what the liver does for us.

I’m no scientist or doctor, but I’ll put it simply: the liver takes sugar and converts it to fat. That’s why people who are obese often have fatty liver. It’s why people who aren’t obese but eat a lot of carbs can also have fatty liver. It’s why I had fatty liver, and when I eliminated the large percentage of carbs from my diet, I no longer suffered from fatty liver disease. I am no longer diabetic. My vision has improved. I no longer suffer from circulatory issues or tingling extremities.

Keep eating that chicken. Heck, I eat bacon every day, and my cholesterol levels are lower now than they were when I was eating oatmeal, bread, and pasta. We are still a long way from mainstream medicine having a grasp on how our bodies work and process food. Unfortunately, many will suffer and die while the competing research factions (read: funded scientists for lobby groups) fight it out through their scientific papers until the truth finally becomes too obvious for everyone to ignore. Until then, it’s on you to do the right thing: cut the carbs!!!

2 thoughts on “Chicken and the Other Meats

  1. Thanks for sharing. I think you might be onto something! The stuff about fatty liver disease and diabetes reversals are so interesting to me.

    Through my teens and 20s, I ate (refined) carbs (not the ones you get from veggies) like they were going out of style. I also progressively gained weight, about 5 to 10lbs every year. By age 30, I was 245lbs and I’m not tall, only 5’6″; so you know I was FAT. Although undiagnosed, I was borderline pre-diabetic, or worse. I was obese and sedentary.

    I stopped eating so many refined carbs and now get my carbs mostly from natural sources, like the carbs found naturally in veggies. I started eating more protein, like meat!

    After adopting healthier eating habits I changed from a sedentary lifestyle to a much more active lifestyle. At age 36 now, I feel better and younger than I did at 26! I exercise 6 days a week most of the time.

    Eating protein, like all meat, is good for us. Eating refined carbs is bad for us.

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    1. I’m with you: I feel better and younger at age 51 than I did at 30. Or maybe even 27!

      Like you, all my carbs are from veggies and a very limited amount of fruit. It’s made such a huge difference in my life. Being active is something that came hand-in-hand with losing weight (which then led to getting fit which meant losing more weight).

      Thanks for sharing!

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