Two Weeks In

This past Tuesday was my two-week anniversary of being on this fourth Whole30, and the half-way point. What was supposed to be the “Tiger Blood” phase ended up being my head cold phase. I’m still not feeling great, but I am feeling a bit better.

I leave for my annual training (AT) in a few days, and I’m getting ready both psychologically and logistically. As I’ve said in the previous posts, I’m packing Epic Bars, RXBars, and nuts. I will live on those exclusively unless the food provided to us includes healthy options (rare, but it happens). Breakfasts typically involve eggs, bacon, sausage, and some fruit, so I’ll likely partake in those. Lunch and dinner is a crap shoot, and most of the meals provided are very carb-heavy, so I’ll definitely be skipping those and using my own provisions.

As for weight, I’m still at 10 lbs down, but I do feel my clothes continue to become looser. I feel good despite having a cold; my energy levels are decent, and I’m fairly certain that were I not on a Whole30, this cold would possibly be hitting me harder. Eating healthy impacts far more than just weight.

I am happy to be in my third week, though. When I’m done with this Whole30, I won’t be returning to care-free eating, but I will be able to indulge in foods that Whole30 considers SWYPO: things like Paleo pancakes, Paleo cookies, Paleo pizza, etc.

In the meantime, I’ll focus on continuing to eat right, getting back to normal (no more head cold!), and hopefully back to exercising after AT.

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