Back from Annual Training and the End of my 4th Whole30!

Yesterday was the end of my two-weeks of annual training in the National Guard, and I finished my fourth Whole30 last Tuesday. That’s right; I was actually doing Whole30 while in a field environment while serving as a Field Artillery Fire Direction Control section chief. It was actually much easier than I thought it would be thanks to Epic bars, RXBars, nuts, jerky, and meat sticks. I also had help from bacon and eggs in the morning that were provided by our cooks as well as the occasional Whole30-compliant dinner (steak, roast beef).

The end result was a loss of over an inch and a half from my waist as well as 14 lbs lost. I am super-excited about that, and I can feel the results in my body and in the mental clarity it has given me. Another thing I didn’t expect was how well I was able to function while sleep-deprived. My wife told me she was amazed I was able to do so well considering how little sleep I had; I hadn’t even considered that. I was just operating normally, but looking back, I had anywhere between 3-6 hours a night for the duration of the training. That’s really not a lot.

The weather was very hot (some record highs were recorded while we were out there) and we weathered two severe storms in our little tents, but we survived, and beyond that, my section did admirably. I can’t be any more proud of my section; they not only did their jobs well, but excelled at every task they were given and did things that no-one had done in this battalion in over a decade. That’s amazing!

I am happy to be back and eating Paleo food, although I’m still being very careful with the sugar/carb allowances. I did have alcohol a few times already since returning from the field on Thursday afternoon, but fortunately, it’s been small amounts, and there haven’t been any effects on my weight (which I monitor daily).

One big piece of news: I’ve been accepted to a special unit in the National Guard which requires me to do a whole lot of exercise, and I’ll be starting that today. More running, much more upper-body strength training, and a lot of endurance training, but the end result will be a much more fit PaleoMarine (me!). It’s going to be a lot fo work, but I’m looking forward to having a goal and working toward it. I also look forward to the results and gains.

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