Getting Extra Fit

Yesterday, I started a new plan for me to get extra-fit in five weeks. Why? Because I’ve been selected to join the Security Forces Advisor Brigade, also known as SFAB. It’s a special unit in the Army that advises and trains the militaries of allied nations, and I will be specializing in fire direction control for field artillery. Even though I’ve been selected to join this organization, I have to attend two assessments, both of which not only test my knowledge, but my physical ability to perform the duties of an advisor.

To that end, I’ve begun daily workouts that will have me exercising six days a week, sometimes twice a day. I’m taking it easy in the beginning: I started with push ups in the morning and in the afternoon, I did more push ups and a two-mile run. It was my first run in a month due to my severe head cold followed by two weeks in the field during my annual training for the National Guard, and it showed. While my first mile was an okay time, the second mile was abysmal. I felt nearly spent, so I concluded the run at the 2-mile mark, a first for me in three years. However, I know I’m in this for the long-haul, so I decided to not push it. I am glad I did. I feel okay afterward with a slight muscle burn but nothing hurt. I will continue with some more exercise today after work (I did more push ups this morning prior to my morning routine), likely some weights and crunches/leg lifts.

As for my weight, I hit my first goal of 176 lbs yesterday. This morning, the scale rewarded me with the same reading, and I’m now onto my final goal of 165 lbs. I should be there within two months, but with all this extra exercise, there’s a chance I’ll get there sooner. I already have noticed my waist getting smaller much quicker than I expected, and I’m fitting into my size small shirts again.

I’ll be 52 this week, and going to the SFAB will be no small feat. It will require a level of physical fitness I haven’t had to attain since being an active duty U.S. Marine. It’s going to be hard at my age, but I’m determined to not only see it through, but to maintain it and continue to be the example to the younger guys (which practically means just about everyone I work around or with in the military). I never want them to think I am not pulling my weight, or that I’m using my age as a crutch to get out of anything.

I promised myself before I joined the National Guard that if I were unable to physically perform my duties that I would hang it up and leave. I’m not quite there yet; frankly, I’m not even close. I will fight tooth and nail to stay fit and to continue to lead and inspire my soldiers. Yesterday just started the latest chapter. I can’t wait to see how much more fit I am at the end of this five-week period.

5 thoughts on “Getting Extra Fit

    1. Dedication and motivation are the keys. I was lumbering around with lazy workouts for the past year because I had no real goals. Now that the military has given me a goal, it’s renewed my sense of purpose for my fitness and allowed me to rededicate myself to some serious work.


  1. Congratulations! That is fairly intense for being 52. I am still working at getting into the Guards after quite a few years off. I will say, I am more motivated than ever because I want something. Before, I would just half-ass exercise because, well just because.

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