Where is my pull-up bar?

I had my best run in months last night in the 97 degree heat, and after my run and my cool-down dog walk, I jumped into the pool. It was very refreshing, and as I cooled off, I decided to do some water-assisted pull ups on the side of the pool. There is a portion of our pool that sits higher than the rest for a hot tub, so it requires a person to be almost completely out of the water if doing a pull up. It was hard, and I held myself up a few times until my arms shook against my weight. I’m glad I did it, because I finally was able to get some pull up work in, but it kept me from installing the actual pull up bar in our gym.

Since last night’s run took a lot out of me (the Garmin Felix 3 HR that I wear advised me to have a recovery period of 72 hours!), I will install the pull up bar tonight and hopefully be motivated enough to do some work on it. I will also do some leg lifts and maybe pull the kettle bells out for some work.

I have three weeks until my assessment for the SFAB. I am confident that I can easily complete the APFT and rucking portions, but the pull-ups and obstacle course will be a challenge (mostly due to my lack of good upper-body strength). I wish I had more time to work up to this assessment, but it is what it is. It’s a good thing that I enjoy a challenge.

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