Weekend of Fun

This weekend, Sherry and I helped my mom move a large commercial sewing machine and found that all the exercise we’ve been doing has made us strong. Moving the sewing machine was much easier than we expected. After moving the sewing machine, we drove up toward Fort Hood and stopped at some wineries and meaderies along the way. We had some alcohol here and there and made some questionable food choices, but honestly, the worst thing we had was some cheese. Everything else was surprisingly Paleo. Well, except for the mini-cupcakes, and even then, we only had three each. They were tiny!

Today, we are both right back at our healthy eating and exercise. Sherry did her exercise in the morning while I’ll be running tonight when I get home from work. One of the best parts of exercising daily and eating right is that we can enjoy the occasional weekend of relaxed rules and get right back into eating right on Monday. We actually discuss how much we look forward to eating right if only because of how our bodies feel when we eat healthy. Eating cheese and high-sugar foods actually makes us feel horrible afterward. So much so, in fact, that we always question whether eating the offending item(s) were really worth it.

This is going to be a crazy week for me with running and exercise to get ready for the SFAB assessment I have to go to on Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully, the knee pain in my right knee will go away today. The last thing I need is to go into this weekend with a knee injury to slow me down.

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