Coming Back to Good Food

After a weekend of indulging (although not going completely off the rails, I did eat some things and drink some things that were definitely not Paleo), it has been nice returning to good food. By good, I mean meat and vegetables, or in other words, Paleo.

My body feels so much better when I eat right. I feel better when I exercise after eating right, and I sleep better as well. When I eat foods with lots of sugar, I have the night sweats. So much so, in fact, that I feel like I’m sleeping in an oven. That feeling alone is enough to make me not want to drink often.

Sherry and I discussed last night the fact that we have turned into people who actually prefer to eat foods that are good for us and our bodies instead of just food that tastes good. I think we’ve finally transitioned into people who understand the big picture as it pertains to food (and it’s weird that we are those people). My grandmother used to always say, “Eat to live; don’t live to eat.” I never quite grasped the gravity of what she was saying, but I get it now, and like always, she was right.

I eat to live, and I live to experience life to the fullest. That doesn’t mean through food, though from time to time, it does include food. However, my life isn’t centered around food, but experiences.

Now that we’re back to eating our regular, good food, it allows us to get back to a comfortable norm before we head off to another adventure. It’s good to do these quick resets after a weekend of experiences. It’s good that we can emotionally get right back to it and actually feel good about it. I never thought that would or could be us, yet here we are.

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