Be Thankful and Get Excited About Your Health

I have found that I succeed much more easily when I’m hyped and excited about whatever it is I’m trying to achieve. Lose weight by eating healthy? YES! LET’S DO THIS! Get fit by running? HECK YES!!! That’s why I recommend you get yourself psyched up and excited about your health. Whether you’re just starting out with eating healthy and getting some exercise or you’ve been at this for a while; be excited about it!

Just me at work.

Being thankful is something that also helps motivate me when I find it difficult to get excited. I think of all the people I know who cannot do what I’m doing. Whether it’s age, disease, physical condition, or people I served with in the military who sacrificed limbs, mental health, or even their lives; they motivate me to keep going and to be excited by the fact that I am doing the things I can. I have the ability. I have been known to recite the names of fallen service members while I run to push me through challenging times. If I can’t do it for myself, I do it for them. I’ve also thought of my wife and her love for me and how I don’t want to let her down by failing to accomplish anything I set out to do. She looks to me for strength, and I can’t give up. She never gave up on me; I can’t give up on being her rock.

What about those people who cannot do the physical things? Be excited that you have it within your power to make decisions about the food you eat. You have the ability to chose what you eat, when you eat, and how much you eat. There are literally billions on this planet who cannot do that. They must eat whatever is available, in whatever amount, and whenever they can find it or get it. Be thankful you’re not in that position and use your fortune to do something great for yourself. Reward yourself with making good decisions about your nutrition by eating healthy foods.

It’s easy to find excuses to not start a workout or to eat something that’s not within your diet. Justifications are easy; sticking to a plan is hard. But that’s okay. It’s the hard things that change us, make us better, and propel us forward. It’s the hard things that bring us the results we crave. Be excited and thankful that you have it in your power to take on those hard things to make the changes you’re looking for. Not everyone can do this; you can.

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