Making Your Health Your Priority

How often do you hear people say, “I’d do that, but I just don’t have time?” Most often, it’s in reference to an exercise program or regimen. I get it; we’re all busy, and it’s a convenient excuse. Heck, when my kids were in activities and I was working full time as a single parent, there literally wasn’t a spare moment for me to spend away from home in a gym, and I certainly didn’t have the expendable income to build my own gym like I recently did. I get it.

But the problem with my thinking was that the only way for me to stay healthy and to not be obese was to work out in a gym. I didn’t realize that all I had to do was eat right, and that didn’t take much more time out of my day than making normal food. Sure, it removed the fast food option, but honestly, I could have purchased a few lbs of fajitas and put them in the refrigerator for a healthy and quick meal. The same could have gone for some rotisserie chicken or smoked meats. The problem was that I didn’t know any better.

Is eating healthy more time consuming than eating junk? Absolutely. The junk is available easily, it’s fast, and it’s even inexpensive. The problem is it’s horrible for us, leads to obesity, and will eventually kill us. The solution is to spend more effort and time to make good, healthy food. The problem is, as the meme says, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” Another meme has an answer: “That’s where you’re wrong, kiddo!”

Making food should NEVER be something that you don’t have time for. Unless you live in a prison or are going to boot camp, you own your schedule. Sure, there are priorities, and certain things out of your control (like when the kids to go to school, when you have to be at work, when the kids have their activities after school), but I’m fairly certain that you own the rest of your day’s time. It’s up to you to set your priorities and to fill the time with tasks. The problem is that you haven’t made your health a priority. If you have, you would be making your own food or finding ways to supplement your diet with healthy options. Instead, you just don’t have the time and can’t make the time for it.

That needs to end right now. Make your health your top priority. You say your kids are your top priority? Great. What happens if your health takes a turn for the worse because of your horrible diet? Who will care for them then? So much of your life and all of the people who depend on you rely on your health remaining good. If you’re constantly eating junk and not exercising, you are not doing what’s in their best interest. To the contrary, you’re taking dangerous shortcuts that will lead to nowhere good.

It will take time. It will force you to make decisions that aren’t easy. It will make you expend extra energy to make food and to prep it for those times you can’t take the time to make it from scratch. But you will become healthier, you will lose weight, and you will ensure that you’ll be there in the future for your family, your kids, and your friends. If that isn’t reward enough, then do it for yourself. You are the master of your universe. Act like it.

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