We All Struggle

Notice the old guy (fourth from the left) is not looking as smiley as everyone else. That’s because the assessment I was taking part of was grueling, and it was a struggle to complete. But I did it.

I hate seeing ads promising painless and simple weight loss or five minute abs. It’s natural for humans to look for the easiest way to accomplish a task; it’s who we are as a species. But certain people take advantage of this fact and make promises that just aren’t fulfillable or realistic.

Was my first Whole30 easy? No. I didn’t suffer, but I did struggle at times. My wife had a much more difficult time with it, and yes, she definitely struggled. But I was there for her when she was at her lowest, and she was there for me in my times of need.

Throughout the past four years, I’ve had times where the struggle was very real. Where I wondered if I could continue with the diet, with the fitness, or with keeping my weight in check. There are still days I struggle with it, and honestly, I think I always will. We never achieve a state of perfect or complete. It’s a journey, not a destination. Journeys are both up-hill and down-hill, filled with ease and also with struggle. Some face more up-hill than others, but know this: we all struggle. None of us have a simple time of it.

I know that in the past, I’ve written many times how it seemed easy for me at times while I was losing weight. This is true. But it’s also true that I had moments of temptation that made me really consider my decision to limit my diet to eating Paleo. There were times when I was sore from running that I wondered why I was putting myself through it. That struggle, the internal struggle, is the worst.

Your struggle is not unique. I can guarantee you that there are many other out there facing the same difficulties and challenges that you are. Reach out and talk to someone about it. Get the support you need. Talk to your partner, wife, husband, son, daughter, aunt, uncle, mom, dad, etc. Get help to find the strength inside you that you need to get past the hurdles. It is much easier with a helping hand. It’s also much easier knowing you’re not alone.

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