The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results

Just a black and white photo of an old PaleoMarine.

This quote is often attributed to Albert Einstein, although it appears that this is not true. The earliest match for this quote in all sources appears in a 1981 Narcotics Anonymous organization newsletter. However, when it comes to diet, health, and fitness, it applies.

I know many people who have been trying the same thing over and over to lose weight. Low fat, lots of whole grains, long sessions in the gym without changing their diet, or trying powders, pills, patches, or other products, and yet, they either don’t achieve the results they were working towards, or worse, they see the opposite results. Yet, after a failure, they go back to the same formula and try again.

I know how maddening this cycle is; I did it myself for many years. Each time, I figured that there was something wrong with me or how I was going about implementing these plans. Surely, the information I had wasn’t suspect, so it had to be me, right?


The problem is that the information we’ve been operating with has been wrong the whole time, yet we didn’t know it. When you have the mainstream media, the government organizations and departments, and even the medical community all telling you one thing, it’s hard to believe that they could have gotten it all so wrong, yet they did. Low-fat is killing us. The diet industry is getting rich off of us making little or no progress. The government is in bed with the diet industry and the medical industry is slow to move when it comes to accepting new information that contradicts anything they’ve believed as fact for so long. Yet, the evidence keeps stacking up that low-fat/high-grain diets are what’s killing us.

Once I ditched the conventional wisdom and adopted the low-carb life, things have turned around 180 degrees for me. During my first Whole30, I lost 20 lbs in a month. Afterwards, on the Paleo Diet, I continued to lose 10-12 lbs per month for the next 11 months culminating in a total of 130 lbs lost in one year. I did that without exercise and without suffering. I did have to give up some of my favorite foods, but it was more like a breakup with a bad girlfriend. It hurt in the beginning, but after time, I realized how much better my life was without her.

Stop repeating the cycle of failure. If doing the same thing over and over hasn’t been working, it’s not you; it’s the program. Try something different. You might be surprised at how well and quickly it works!

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