Four Weeks of Weightlifting

I just completed my first month of weightlifting and I’ve made some solid gains:

Squat: 45 lbs to 110 lbs
Bench Press: 45 lbs to 75 lbs
Deadlift: 95 lbs to 155 lbs
Overhead Press: 45 lbs to 75 lbs
Barbell Row: 65 lbs to 95 lbs

I’m not going to be entering any Strongman competitions anytime soon (or ever!), but I’m happy with these solid gains. The numbers are getting respectable. In another month, the numbers will almost be impressive. Two more months, and I’m sure I’ll have hit a plateau and will have to de-load to continue.

The bottom line is this: the program works. I’m not interested in bulking; I’m after functional strength. I need to be strong to do what I do. This is helping me get there.

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