Finally Noticing Changes

Yes, that’s me making silly duck face. It’s not just for the teenage girls anymore.

It’s taken four weeks, but this morning, I was finally able to see a little difference in my body composition. My waist is a little smaller, my stomach a little flatter, my shoulders and arms a little bigger, and my pectorals (my chest) doesn’t look quite so sad.

As a guy who lost 150 lbs, my chest looked sad. I had what some guys refer to as “Breasticles;” dad-bod chest. I hated that, but no matter how much weight I lost or how many push-ups I did, they didn’t get smaller. How, however, it looks like they are filling up; with muscle.

The best part is that they aren’t just getting bigger; it’s flattening out my chest and the extra skin I had there from being obese is now helping make my chest look normal and strong. It’s actually quite motivating!

I’m going to wait a while before posting photos; probably another two months. I want the change to be clearly evident. I remember when I began losing weight and I posted photos of me after losing 50 lbs, and honestly, it was hard to tell. Only after I lost 70 lbs and more was it evident that a change was happening. I think the same applies here.

However, there’s an important lesson that I learned: meaningful and great change is gradual and slow. What I’m after isn’t just weight loss. I’m after a complete reconfiguration of my body and strength. I know from my weight loss journey that it takes time, but in this case, it takes time, effort, and strict adherence to making workouts and not skipping. I’ve started a very strict day-on/day-off routine that doesn’t include more than one day of rest. This is going to present a challenge in a few weeks when I go on vacation, but I am going to try to find a gym to drop-in at. It will cost me some time and money, but I can’t give up on my progress now.

Final point of the day: make health and fitness a priority. It has made my life richer and has served as a foundation for so many positive things in my life. When you are not worrying about your weight and fitness, your mind is less cluttered and able to concentrate more freely on the things that truly require your attention. I no longer have to consider my ability to help someone lift a box, help them move, or to take on a home improvement project. I know that I can handle any physical task put to me.

2 thoughts on “Finally Noticing Changes

  1. Keep up the great work. I find myself struggling with how slow it can take. I’ve been making healthier choices for the last 4/5 weeks and have noticed very little change…maybe just a little on my love handles and stomach …nothing in my face. I walk 5-6 miles a few times a week as well. Thanks for sharing your journey.

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    1. Thanks! One thing I remember from my first year is realizing that a whole year had gone by and I was 130 lbs lighter. While losing that weight, it felt like it was taking forever, and then BAM! One day, a year had gone by, and I’d lost a lot of weight! It’s a good feeling when you get there, but it’s important to find enjoyment in the journey itself!


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