When is it too late to start a healthy lifestyle?

When you’re dead.

Me in the field in 2019.


I’ve heard too many people (FAR too many) tell me that they’re too old to change their lifestyle now, and that the benefits are not enough for the amount of discomfort they would have to endure.

First of all, none of us knows the exact day our life status will expire (unless you’re on death row, and even then, you will likely make an appeal or two). Second, the benefits from a healthy lifestyle begin almost immediately. I begin feeling better very soon after starting a Whole30, and the effect is pronounced after being off the Paleo Lifestyle for a month. And it only gets better.

It’s too easy to find excuses to NOT do something, but using your age as one of them is silly. The irony is that this is one thing that can likely increase the time you are alive and put off your expiration date.

If you’re one of those people who thinks it’s too late for them, I’m your poster child. I lost over 150 lbs and even re-joined the military at 49. At this writing, I’m 52 years old and in the Army National Guard. If I can do this (and I’m quite the lazy person), literally anyone can.

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