Five Months to Heal

It took five months for my Achilles Heel to heal. In that time, in gained a lot of weight, and while I was able to lift weights for a portion of that, I sustained a shoulder injury which relegated me to the couch for the past two months. Today, for the first time in five months, my heel doesn’t hurt.

That’s great news, as I have a run scheduled for after work. The last run I had two days ago went great, and while I still had a tiny bit of heel pain, I attribute that to tightness of the area due to my underuse. Since both of my heels hurt the same, I figured that it had more to do with needing to be stretched/exercised than the injury.

My shoulder still has pain. It’s not as bad, and I do feel that it’s healing, but it’s taking a long time. I’m hoping it wont’ the the five months the heel took, but whatever the recovery time is, I’m going to wait it out carefully.

For the first few months of being unable to run, I controlled my weight with being careful with my diet and weightlifting. When I was unable to lift weights, my weight started to climb, not due to the lack of exercise, but due to the extra eating I was doing. Depression had set in, and I was eating my way through it. It certainly wasn’t the best way to deal with it, but it was what it was. I am fortunate that I recognized it, and that I finally had enough of feeling bad physically. I feel much better today emotionally primarily due to the diet, and secondarily due to my being able to run again.

I’m slow. But that’s okay. I don’t need to win any races just yet. I just need to get back to running 7 minute miles. The last time I worked to sub-7’s, it took me three months of solid running. I know it takes time, and also concentration to make progress and to keep from being injured. I’m going to do the work and be careful. All I need to do is be patient and let the time go by as I do the work. The next thing I know, three months will have passed, and I’ll be much faster and in better shape. I just have to wait patiently.

Five months is a long time. Then again, here I am at the end of it, and it’s done. I can get back to running. In another three months, five months will have passed since I hurt my shoulder, and hopefully, I’ll be back to lifting weights. One of the most important realizations I had before I started my first Whole30 was thinking about my weight and how, if I’d started exercising and a diet back when a friend of mine did, I’d have been healthier and most likely weighed less by that point in time. Instead, I was just as heavy and out of shape as I’d been before. AllI needed to do was to start, and I didn’t. He had left me behind and made a lot of progress while I was still… well, just still.

Take the time to heal. Take the time to allow your body to rest between exercises. But eating well can be done any time. If you are depressed, talk to someone. Talking to Sherry, once I recognized what was going on, helped me through it and helped me back to eating and exercising. It’s tough to do alone. Reach out. There are lots of people out there willing to listen and help (me included).

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