My Week 1 Status

This is overdue by a few days; my apologies. My first week actually concluded Sunday night, but I wanted a few extra days to think about how it’s gone. Here’s my assessment: it went very well.

Weight lost: 7.3 lbs
Size lost: maybe 1” (trousers/pants/shirts feeling slightly looser)
Emotional state: improved
Sleep quality: OK (lots of waking up to go to restroom)

So, the easy metric to address: weight. YES, I KNOW YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO WEIGH YOURSELF ON A WHOLE30. I DO IT ANYWAY. With that said and out of the way, I am aware that the majority of the weight lost was temporary water weight that I gained due to the increased sugar content of my diet prior to starting this Whole30. That’s okay. But it’s legitimate in that now that the sugar is cut out of my diet, I’m not carrying that water weight.

Size lost: I didn’t (and won’t) measure my waist. I use a more important metric: how do I feel in my clothes. Right now, I already feel more comfortable in my clothes which translates into a more confident and happier me. It reinforces the work I’m doing, and lets me know that I’m making progress, even on the days the scale doesn’t move.

Emotional state: I think it’s improved. I’m happier since I’m eating right, merely because I know what’s going into my body is better for me. I know there are emotional rewards for exercising, and perhaps that’s playing into it as well, but honestly, when I’m eating healthy, I’m always in a much better state of mind.

Sleep quality: this is interesting. I think that because I’m losing weight, part of that process includes me going to the restroom more often in the middle of the night. I try to ensure I don’t drink too much liquid after dinner, yet I still wake up at least twice a night to go to the restroom. If this is something that’s necessary for my body to shed weight, it’s a small price to pay.

Another thing I’m noticing which I’ve experienced every time I’ve done a Whole30 is that my body doesn’t lose weight and size at the same time; it’s always one or the other. One day (or two, or three), I’ll lose some weight, while the next couple of days, my clothes will get noticeably looser. It is what it is. I’m used to it know which is why the scale doesn’t bother or scare me.

As for the Whole30 flu, I don’t think I experienced it. Maybe I’m just more prepared for it now, or perhaps my body doesn’t react as adversely as it had in the past to removing sugar from my diet. Either way, I feel pretty good so far, and I’m looking forward to the next three weeks of eating well.

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