Buckling Down After the Holidays

Just like many, if not most people, I overate over the holidays. Even though most of what I overate was Paleo, the fact remains that I ate more than usual, and much of that food contained more sugar/carbs than I usually allow in my daily calorie intake. Again, these sugars were natural sugars and the carbs were in the form of honey or fruits within treats, the excess still took its toll. While I didn’t gain a lot of weight, I did gain a bit of size in my waist.

So, what does that mean? It means what has become the new normal for us after the holidays is that it’s a time to buckle down and get back to eating right. In the past, we would do a Whole30, but this year, we’re not necessarily doing a Whole30 although we will be very close to it. We will be very strict Paleo with an emphasis on keeping the carbs and portion sizes low and eliminating desserts, snacks, and anything sweet for the sake of sweetness.

I have been keeping up with my fitness during the holidays, but a slight spasm in my back after my last weightlifting session sidelined me for 5 days. I resume my workouts again tomorrow (Monday), and honestly, I can’t wait. I’m de-loading a bit (10%) since I was at what I consider to be my max weight in deadlift and squats (and probably overhead press, too), but I’ll keep pushing on my bench press and barbell row (neither of these have me really straining yet). I also plan on continuing on raising the milage of my runs. Currently, I’m at 3 mile minimums, and I’d like to hit 5 mile runs by the end of January.

Buckling down isn’t easy, but I know what I’m up against and what to expect. I have done this before. I will have sugar withdrawals and increased appetite for snacks and dessert after meals. Coffee will help, as will keeping myself busy. It will also require avoiding snacks and desserts, but again, this is just a matter of finding something to occupy my mind. I definitely find myself snacking when I’m bored and have a lot of time on my hands, and this holiday break, I had a lot of spare time where I sat around and did nothing.

Some people make resolutions to diet, get fit, or get healthy. If that works for them, that’s great! Personally, I don’t do that anymore; I just recommit to my healthy habits and get back to basics. Sherry and I knew going into the holidays that we would relax our strict habits and get back to them after the holidays. In effect, we’re just following our plan.

If you’re making a resolution, then stick with it. Set realistic goals, and break your goals into chunks so that you can make progress that you can measure. Whatever you do, don’t make your only measure of success your weight. Non-scale victories (NSV’s) are what fueled my weight loss journey, as many weeks, I didn’t lose weight but I did notice I lost sizes in pants and shirts, or I noticed more flexibility or that I felt better.

Find social media groups that are doing the same thing you’re doing, whether it’s a new diet or a new fitness plan. Talk to others and learn. Listen. Watch. Emulate those who are successful. If you find that something isn’t working, seek new ways to approach the problem to make more progress. Everyone is different, and part of the journey is finding what works best for YOU and then sticking with it.

Success is within your grasp. You just need to want it badly enough to see it through, regardless of the discomfort. I am buckling back down and getting back to basics. I will get back to my healthy eating and discard the snacks and desserts.

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