Day 1 of the non-Whole30 Whole30 2021

This is an older photo from when I put some fresh bacon bits on top, but it’s otherwise the same breakfast I had this morning.

Last night, I noticed Sherry reading a long article on her iPhone and I asked her if she was reading anything interesting. She said, “Your last blog entry; I want to see what you’ve committed me to.” I had to laugh. I actually went out of my way to not commit her (or us) to anything beyond what we already agreed upon. Maybe it wasn’t a formal handshake agreement, but as far as I was concerned, we had a good plan, and there was no reason for me to add to that.

This morning began our first day of our non-Whole30 Whole30 for 2021. We started with smoked salmon on scrambled eggs with a coconut cream and avocado mayonnaise ranch dressing with sliced avocados on top. This has been a staple breakfast of ours for the past few months, and I have to say I really enjoy it. We ate bacon and eggs for breakfast for over five years with rare exceptions, and while I enjoy it, I have to admit that the salmon still feels like a treat. The fact that it’s so incredibly healthy for us is bonus.

Sherry meal prepped our food for the week, and (surprise!) it’s all Whole30 compliant, so I’ll be good in that department. I will be working out later today which means I’ll have my banana half before and the other banana half afterwards. A tip given to me by a TAC Officer at Warrant Officer Candidate School was to eat half a banana before my workout and follow the workout with the other half. I wasn’t sure if it would make a big difference, but I swear I can feel when the sugar hits my blood as I feel like I have more power as I lift. After my run is complete, eating the other half of the banana seems to reduce my muscle pain. This may all be in my head; I don’t care. It feels like it works and that’s all I need.

Some things for me to remember for today and the next few days:

  • Sugar withdrawls are going to be tough, but they will be over in a few days.
  • No snacking; keep yourself busy!
  • Portion sizes; you want to eat more because it feels good. Don’t. Stick to the normal portions, and soon, the normal portions will be enough.
  • No desserts. There’s no need for them. After the sugar cravings are gone, the desire for desserts will also subside.
  • Whole30 works (even if this isn’t a Whole30). Trust it like you have before and you will get the same results.

Who am I kidding. We’re doing a Whole30. There’s a lot of pressure on us every time we do one, though, but honestly, I need that. I picked up a few pounds over the past two weeks that I need/want to get rid of, and I need my fitness level to elevate as I prepare for this month’s WOCS drill where I will need to do a 4-mile ruck (what we call a road march). I will likely do a 4-mile ruck of my own this Wednesday to prep for it mentally. Last month, I did a 2-mile ruck after a really hard run two days earlier and I learned that it was a mistake to run so hard two days before a ruck. I made it with a lot of time to spare, but my legs were far more worn out than they should have been or than they were when I did the 3.1-mile ruck in October. This time, I’ll make sure to skip my Wednesday run before my weekend drill to make sure my legs are as fresh and ready as possible.

So, that’s where I am as we start 2021. What are your plans? Did you make any resolutions? Are you continuing on any gains from 2020? Let’s crush 2021 together and get it done!

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