Day 3 After Skin Reduction Surgery

I am feeling much better today.

I feel much better today. I still have some dizziness when I look around the room, but nothing too terrible. I received flowers from my lovely sister which not only look beautiful, but smell great. My daughter Gelli and her boyfriend also got me a nice card and balloons. There have been countless friends and family who have messaged me or Sherry to check up on me and to offer their support which has also been nice. It’s amazing how much those little gestures mean.

Sherry and Gelli have been the most incredible caregivers/nurses. They come in every time on-time with the next task for me to do, whether it’s to take medicine, eat, or get up and walk.

Today, I was able to walk on my own without support. I look like Quasimodo when I walk, but at least I can do it without getting too dizzy, nauseous, or weak. I feel like I’m on the mend. With that said, I’m not pushing it too hard or too fast; the last thing I want to do is get too overconfident in how much I’ve healed. I’m taking it easy and not pushing it.

I had more of the chicken and apple salad for lunch today; that stuff is amazing! You should check out the recipe for it on Sherry’s site. Right now, I’m relaxing in bed and watching the Astros play the Rangers. It’s a close game, so there’s lots of drama for me to stay awake to.

I have an amazing dinner planed next Friday I’m hoping to be able to get to. I’ll talk about it more when the time draws near. Otherwise, I’m only concerning myself with following all doctor’s instructions to the letter and doing what I’m told to get better.

Thanks to all of you for your support and kind words. They are welcome and appreciated.

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