Day Four Post Skin Reduction Surgery

The beard just keeps on growing…

Last night, Sherry made me a quite amazing steak with chimichuri served with asparagus. It was really delicious, and was a really nice cap to the day. I was able to fall asleep after going to the restroom nearly on my own. The sleep was good and solid and I didn’t wake up on my own (other than the medicine wake-ups in the middle of the night) until around 5:30 am. Then, I just sat in bed for a while reading the book, “Leaders Eat Last” by Simon Sinek.

Once Sherry woke up, I decided to try to get up and go to the bathroom as much by myself as I could. I enlisted the help of a small stool that makes getting in and out of bed for me much easier. I was able to get up, walk to the toilet, pull down my own pants (something I haven’t been able to do since the surgery), do my business, pull my pants back up, and walk back to bed where, using the stool, I was able to get back in bed without any excessive pain. The only thing I could do myself was to lift my legs to put some pillows under them, but honestly, it’s not a necessity if I keep my body more upright with our articulating bed. I figure I can stay that way until someone comes in to help me put my legs on the pillows.

Overall, I do feel better today both physically and mentally. Hydrocodone still wipes me out, and every 4 hours, it knocks me out for at least 3 of them. I just took another dose which is why I’m using this time to write this post and to watch a little car racing on TV.

One of the best things for me, aside from the stellar help from Sherry and Gelli, has been our bed. Never did we consider that we’d need articulating beds (like a hospital bed where the head portion comes up) for any kind of recovery. We just thought it was a convenience for either watching TV or to alleviate my sleep apnea (which went away after I lost all the weight).

The drainage bulbs did fill up a bit more yesterday than the day before, but we’re guessing it’s because I was up and about more (per doctor’s instructions). I’m not doing anything beyond what I’ve been instructed to do. I do still feel a bit dizzy, especially when I look in a different direction quickly, but I think it has to do with the Hydrocodone. I also take Valium for the muscles which were sewn back together. I can definitely feel when it’s time for another dose of the “V.”

This, being Day 4, has been the best day yet. I’m still making great progress and getting more and more back to being independent. I still can’t stand up straight (and won’t be able to for about 3-4 weeks), but at lest I’m able to get up and around and not be too dizzy and without nausea.

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