Day Five: Post Operation

Still stuck in bed.

I am feeling much better today, again. I was able to get in and out of bed alone without much pain, and the only time I really have any aches is as I’m walking, the weight of my body pushing against my abdomen causes discomfort. Nothing horrible, but just a dull pain. Going to the bathroom is getting much easier now too, although I’m still not attempting the dreaded “Number 2.”

I am supposed to have a shower later this afternoon or evening, and while I’m not really looking forward to it, I’m also not dreading it like I did last time. This time, I know I can walk without begging dizzy, I don’t get nauseous, and Sherry will be helping me with the actual shower so I don’t have to look too closely at anything. I’m not squeamish when it comes to seeing wounds, blood, gore, etc, but I’m not keen on seeing it on my own body.

As for getting back to work, I actually think I’ll be able to sit at my desk in my home office and get back at it. I sat down at my desk today to see if I could handle it, and it was surprisingly comfortable. Sitting up isn’t nearly as bad as laying down for the past five days.

Since this is only day 5, I’m much more optimistic for how quickly I’ll recover. Again, I’m not pushing anything. I spoke with the nurse at the doctor’s office and told them my plan, and they said that my healing seems to be on-schedule.

The little plastic bulbs that are sucking the excess fluid out of my abdomen started looking a lot more see-through today, which is a great sign that the bleeding internally is subsiding and now, it’s just the body doing what it thinks it should to heal the wounds. The bruises I have are pretty gnarly; I can’t really see them as they’re either on my lower back or underneath the girdle I’m wearing right now to keep all my abdomen “stuff” together, but I’m sure it should be okay in the next month when I get to take it off.

I will say that on the improved pain scale, I’m at a 0-1 for the most parts of the day. Every now and then, a phantom pain will come up that’s like a 6 for a second or so, but it goes away as quickly as it came.

As for my diet, it’s still Paleo. For breakfast, Sherry made me an amazing Hungarian Lecso which is green peppers, mushrooms, onions, sausage, and eggs with a little salt, pepper, and paprika. For lunch, I had the delicious chicken and apple salad. Of course, I have my applesauce or cantaloupes when I take my Hydrocodone.

I hope to have even more good news tomorrow as I’ll be at my desk. But, for now, I’m not in pain, and I’m actually quite comfortable.

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