Is The Pain Worth It?

Being silly on one of my walks every couple of hours.

Someone asked me via Facebook as to whether I think the pain I’m experiencing right now post-surgery will be worth the results. Honestly, I can’t answer that question just yet, because I’m still in bandages, and I haven’t even yet had a chance to see what my body looks like. Aside from the bandages, I am severely swollen; the process I went through is quite traumatic for the body, and there’s a lot of swelling and liquid retention (which is mitigated by the two bulbs that are connected to tubes that come out from my pubis area).

I can say that so far, the pain has subsided a lot day after day. Sure, I’m still in some pain, mostly when I get up out of bed or have to lay back down, but when I’m just laying here or sitting up or even standing, the pain is tolerable, and it gets more so every day.

I’m expecting that the results will be worth it. I’m hopeful that the excess skin around my waist, and notably around my back, will be gone. This will allow me to run and exercise without the extra skin getting in the way.

I also expect that I will feel better about my workouts and I will be further motivated now that I’ll be able to actually see the fruits of my labor with weightlifting, running, mountain biking, kayaking, and hiking.

So, is the pain worth it? I think so. The pain won’t last forever, but the results will.

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