Holiday Weekends

Holiday weekends are filled with mixed emotions for Sherry and I. On the one hand, we’re excited and happy to be with family and friends celebrating the holiday. On the other hand, there’s the stress from knowing we will be presented with lots of food, many of which are not Paleo, that we will eat due to the social situation we find ourselves in. We try our best to be compliant with our eating plan, but at the same time, we’re concerned with being good guests and being polite, which means sampling the yummy foods our friends go out of their way to make for us.

This past weekend was filled with three days of eating. The first day was at Paleo f(x), and our thinking was that we can try everything there because it’s good for us, right? This turned out to be true as the next morning, I was at my lowest weight ever. It was a great reminder that if you put good, whole foods in, your body will deal with it. The next two days, however, saw Sherry and I eat a lot more food than we normally would have which included a lot of fruit. I’ve been eating a very low-carb/sugar diet, and that also means I’ve really eliminated almost every source of sugars like fruits. Eating as much watermelon as I did this weekend wreaked havoc on my weight loss. “But it’s natural sugar, so it’s good for you, right?” Sugar is sugar. There are better sugars, yes, but the peaches and watermelon I ate this weekend really added up on the carb count and my body told me this morning that I went a little nuts with the sugar. I was up over 2 lbs! While that may not sound like much, when that’s over a week’s worth of progress to lose, that’s a huge step back!

So, I’m back 100% on-plan today, although Sherry did pack some of the yummy watermelon salad into my lunch box that I ate. I’m not sure how my body will handle it, but at this point, I’m eating my normal portions and eating all Paleo foods. I’m going to take a long walk after work today, and hopefully lose some of the weight I put on this weekend.

In the end, I’m not concerned or worried or even depressed. I know that these fluctuations are bound to happen, especially now that I’m getting close to my goal. The important part is that I stick with it, keep my chin up, don’t let the temporary increase get me down or discourage me, and carry on. At no point did I just go nuts and have any non-Paleo foods. I just ate more than normal, and more carb-rich foods than normal. I know what to do to make more progress; now I just have to do it.

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