Diets, Dietitians and us

People out there are getting it. I’m happy that others see through the food industry and government’s charade of the “Balanced Diet” and are finding that a wholesome diet of clean foods (meat and veggies) is what our bodies need to thrive.

My Pants are too tight

I was in a book store the other day buying the Whole30 cookbook and I was struck by the huge array of books about various diets, written mostly by people claiming to be dietitians, and it struck me what an industry has developed as a result of us humans eating the wrong stuff.

Our constantly busy lives force us to try to save time in everything we do, become “more efficient” so we can cram more into our days.  The food industry has been a big part of that and invented processed food that we can heat quickly in a microwave, or that comes ready prepared simply to pop in the oven.  Because the food gets cooked quickly and has to stay “fresh” for longer, we’ve added preservatives, coated things in breadcrumbs and developed ever faster ways of cooking (microwave, high temperature oven cooking).  We’ve added sugars to otherwise bland…

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