Coffee, Tea, and Me

I no longer drink anything sweetened. Not even artificially. I have heard people say it’s okay to use honey or stevia in drinks, but from everything I’ve read, sweetened drinks affect the brain regardless of whether the sweetener is sugar or artificial. That means while it’s better to imbibe drinks without sugar, imbibing sweet drinks will still cause cravings.

That’s horrible to me, and I don’t even want to risk it.

I cut out sweet drinks back in September of 2015 with my first Whole30. Aside from the rare alcoholic beverage or hot cocoa in Spain while on vacation, I’ve stuck with unsweetened tea, coffee, and plain ol’ water. I have been known to drink my tea with lemon, and I have also put sliced cucumber in my water in the summertime, but that’s it. Nothing more.

I will admit that coffee still doesn’t taste nearly as awesome to me as it did when I used creamer and sugar, but I’m learning to appreciate the light and medium blends. They are quite flavorful, and some have a natural sweetness to them that is really quite amazing.

As for teas, there are many that are delicious, and I have had an easier time adopting unsweetened tea. I have it at lunch and dinner, and sometimes before bed.

Sweetened drinks are something I definitely miss, but I will not allow myself to have due to the negative impact it has on the brain and the cravings they bring about. It’s just not worth it to me.

2 thoughts on “Coffee, Tea, and Me

  1. It’s weird – I cannot stand sweet coffee (black only for me…sometimes a little heavy cream if it isn’t a good brew), but tea has to be sweet! I’ve tried MANY times to like unsweet tea, but it doesn’t work, so I’ve just had to almost give it up. Occasionally I’ve had some with Splenda when I really just want one. And I can do hot flavored teas without sweetener – especially lemon or mint.

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