You lose weight in the kitchen; get fit in the gym

IMG_8391This is a phrase I wish I’d have learned sooner. I saw someone post this on Reddit, and I like it. It’s a simple way to say what I’ve been trying to tell people for the past two and a half years: you can’t exercise away a bad diet. You lose weight as the result of the choices you make in food.

I was literally just reading a post written by someone locally who is rather well-known, and she was lamenting the lack of weight loss progress despite the amount of physical effort she’s put into losing weight. I was going to post the title phrase, but she continued in her post that she was adopting a diet to help her lose weight. Good steps, I thought, until I saw what she was going to do: limit calories, limit carbs (yay) and fat (boo), and eat chicken and salad.


Nothing makes me cringe more than seeing someone say that. What it is going to do is make her continually hungry. When adopting a diet, it’s important to adopt one that allows you to eat as much food as your body needs based on daily conditions. Some days we are more active; your body will want you to eat a little more. On more sedentary days, you are satisfied more easily. As your weight declines, so do your caloric needs. That’s why I never counted calories; it’s too fluid and your body will do a fantastic job of letting you know when you need more or less.

Have people been successful at losing weight by counting calories? Certainly, but the difficulty factor is raised quite a bit as compared to how I lost weight: comfortably, without cravings, and without feeling miserable. To the contrary, I felt great, energetic, and free from cravings.

Have people been successful at losing weight by going low-fat? They claim to have done so, but I think it has more to do with other factors. I know many vegetarians and even some vegans who are obese. They are 100% non-fat, yet they are unhealthy and at risk of diabetes. I don’t know nearly as many obese people who have cut out sugar and grains.


Please, if you take ANYTHING away from this blog, I would hope it is this:

  • Diet change = weight loss
  • Exercise = fitness

That’s the simple truth when it comes to health and fitness. Anything to the contrary is a lie.

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