Our First Day on Keto

Sherry and I hit the ground running on our first day eating the Keto diet. We began with some Keto pancakes. They are kind of high-carb, all things considered, but not so high as to go over our max carb count for the day, so we did it anyway. Two pancakes and two slices of bacon. The pancakes came from a keto-friendly mix, and it was actually quite delicious! The keto maple syrup was actually pretty darned delicious, too! It is sweetened with monk fruit, and didn’t have any strange after taste.

For lunch, we experimented with a keto pizza that turned out far better than we expected. As a Chicagoan, it really hit the spot for me, and it has been the first time on a LCHF diet that I’ve been able to eat anything that resembles and truly tastes like pizza. It was very filling, too, and I’m certain I’ll have no trouble eating this over the next few weeks while we’re on keto.

For dinner, we had a Hungarian dish I converted to keto: stuffed cabbage rolls with sauerkraut. It’s basically pork and beef with some onion (browned), salt, pepper, marjoram, and some bacon in it stuffed into some cabbage leaves and baked in sauerkraut. It was a favorite of my dad’s and I remember my mom making it for us all the time. I called her for the recipe and I found I was able to make it keto-friendly with very minor modifications. Sherry thought it was delicious and I’m hoping to be able to make it again in the future.

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