Revisiting bodily functions

mehThis is a subject that is taboo in polite company, but it’s something that bears talking about when we discuss diet. When you change what goes into your body, you are changing what’s inside of it, and that includes the biome of gut flora. Gut flora consists of the bacteria and enzymes that help you digest and process your food and it also helps you get rid of waste. Changing the food you eat changes the biome because different bacteria and enzymes flourish with different food sources. The food you eat is the food they eat, too.

Going from the American Diet to the Paleo Diet caused changes in my regularity. I went from using the restroom a few times a day to using it a few times a week. There are a few reasons for this outside of the change in gut flora, as far as I understand. One additional reason is that I haven’t introduced any probiotics into my diet to help restore my gut flora, and second, it’s possible that I haven’t been eating enough fat. Even though I do not try to eat a low-fat diet, there are times when my food is overwhelmingly lean.

In the past week on Keto, my bodily functions have returned to what I would consider mostly normal; going to the restroom at least once a day and sometimes twice. The experiences have been pretty darned normal as compared to before which was usually like giving birth to walnuts (as I can only imagine what giving birth is like; I’m sure that’s FAR worse, but this is the closest I can imagine). I attribute this return to regularity to two things: First, an increase of fat in my diet, and second, I’ve begun drinking Lakanto Drinking Chocolate that has probiotics in it. I drink 6 oz of this drink every morning with breakfast before I drink my exogenous ketones. I am not sure which of these has helped me more, but I’m not going to change either for the time being. It’s nice not feeling weighed down by waste.

Don’t overlook the importance of regularity when making your dietary decisions. Plan ahead with probiotics to ensure you remain regular. There are few worse feelings than feeling bloated with waste and being unable to rid yourself of it.

4 thoughts on “Revisiting bodily functions

    1. They are a source of ketones to help your body transition faster into using ketones as energy as your body transitions from making glycogen to making ketones. I feel like they helped me transition into ketosis easier than the last time I did it.


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