Diet and Self Defense

simplyhdr56141990-1A thought occurred to me today. Being healthier has allowed me to be more agile, given me better mental acuity, and has allowed me to get fit. Weighing less has made my joints hurt less, I’m able to exercise, and I can bend, twist, and turn more easily. These are all things necessary for self defense.

Being aware of your surroundings is the first step to successful self defense, but at some point, a decision has to be made: fight or flight. When I weighed 312 lbs, flight was not an option. I couldn’t ever get away from a bad situation by simply turning and running. I was locked into any situation I found myself in, for better or for worse. Now, I have options.

Not only do I have the option of running, if that option is untenable, I am more physically able to defend myself or my loved ones if necessary. Training goes a long way here, but just from a pure health and ability standpoint, I’m far stronger, more agile, and quicker than I was just two years ago. I feel that my physical abilities eclipse my former self, and that is something that would-be wrongdoers take notice of: physical abilities of their victims. I no longer look like the soft, easy target. I look like I can take the fight back to them if necessary.

There are always new angles to take when thinking about health, diet, and fitness. I know many people who are always looking for that “Perfect holster” that fits into their waistband for easy concealment that doesn’t interfere with or isn’t affected by their fat bellies. Here’s an idea: get rid of the belly! My holsters all fit as-designed and are comfortable.

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