Monday Funday

This morning, I got to sleep in a little bit due to being assigned jury duty. Fortunately, my showtime was 10:30 a.m., so I was able to watch the entire Chicago/Green Bay game last night and sleep in a little. That also allowed me to get 7+ hours of sleep which is always good for my weight loss. Result: 177.1 lbs. That means I somehow lost another pound this weekend.

That’s very rare for me, as I typically either hold my weight (at best) or gain 1-2 lbs. Most of the time, it’s water weight, but this weekend, I was very good and ate exactly what I am supposed to eat. I also watched the portions, although last night, I did eat more salmon than I probably should have. Then again, on Paleo, you shouldn’t calorie count or really control anything other than sating appetite. Therefore, I did the right thing: ate until I was comfortable that I had enough food.

This Monday starts my second unofficial Whole30 week. My goal this week is 2.5 lbs. That would get me well within the DoD height and weight standards, and would get me to within 10 lbs of my final goal of 165 lbs. I feel motivated, excited, and pumped up to get it done this week.

The one hurdle I’m going to have to cross today is lunch. I’m in a courthouse and while I did bring my own healthy snacks, they typically aren’t very good at keeping me sated for long. I brought enough for my lunch, and I doubt we’ll be here too late in the day. I’ll be fine, I’m sure, but I will have to find coffee. That’s what usually helps me control my appetite a bit.

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