The First Things to Happen on a Whole30

I joked a few days ago about starting a non-Whole30 Whole30. The reason for the joke was that my wife and I have done so many of them, at this point, they’re just another facet of our health and fitness journeys. Sunday comes every week; our Whole30’s come after every holiday cluster. So, I’m in week one right now, and have experienced some of the same symptoms I always get on Whole30:

  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Feeling tired
  • Anxiety
  • Cravings and increased appetite

Those are the negatives that everyone is afraid of, and quite frankly, that most people focus on. However, there are also some positives I’ve exerperienced not only this week, but every time I’ve done a Whole30. So far this week:

  • Pants already feel looser due to decreased bloating
  • Face feels less puffy (also due to decreased bloating)
  • Day 5 brought increased energy and mental clarity
  • Already noticing that smaller portions fill me up

That last bullet surprised me the most. I thought it would take longer for the smaller portions to feel like they’re enough, but it’s already happened. Yesterday at dinner, I had a standard Whole30 portion of a dish Sherry meal prepped for us on Sunday, and afterward, I was not only satisfied, but not craving any follow-up food or dessert. For the previous 4 days, I had to augment dinner with an apple to make up for some bulk to make me feel full. Last night? Not needed.

The one major Whole30 rule I always break (since the very first one) is to not weigh yourself. However, I don’t prescribe to the “One size fits all” approach to this rule because for me (and many other people I know), daily weighing allows for immediate feedback and better/closer analysis of how the foods we eat impact our bodies and in turn, our health. I weighed myself on my first day on the Whole30, and already, I’m down 5 lbs. I know it’s water weight, but that’s important, because that’s what the decreased bloating was. That’s why my pants have gotten a little looser, and my belts need to be brought in another belt hole.

I’ve been getting more sleep, sticking to my exercise, and eating only the meals we have prepped and not eating beyond the suggested serving sizes. I’m not feeling starved, hungry, or wanting more food. Admittedly, coffee helps, but I switch to tea in the afternoons to help me sleep through the night. I’ve found that I’m no longer able to drink coffee into the night and sleep soundly. If I cut off the coffee by 1 pm daily, my nightly sleep is much more restful. Since sleep is so important to not only weight loss but to our general health, I’ve placed a higher priority on getting the sleep and making sure I can get the best quality sleep possible.

So, my first week of Whole30 is going exactly as planned. My goal for the first week of any Whole30 is to lose the 5 lbs of water weight and to drop an additional 5 lbs over the following three weeks. I also aim to reduce my intake of foods with higher carbs (even if Paleo), and to reduce the volume of food I eat (which is the root of my problem with my weight/health). I know that my chances of getting my weight back down in the 170’s may be unattainable, but I’m not backing down. I want to get back to that weight as I felt my best there. It will take me some time, but with some hard work and perseverance, I’ll make it. Maybe not this month or even next month, but I will get there. I’m playing the long game; no need to rush or hurry things.

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